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We are a manufacturer focused on providing solutions to the environmental industry around the world.

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Owner / CEO

Steven Tannas PhD. P.Ag. Owner / CEO

Steven is a senior Vegetation Ecologist, Reclamation Specialist and Wetland Scientist and a Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) through the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA). Steven specialized as a vegetation ecologist and his work spans through a wide range of practice areas with vegetation as the central part of them. Steven is an experienced plant taxonomist able to spot identify over 1000 species of plants, a Restoration Ecologist, Rangeland Agrologist, Bioengineering Specialist who has been growing native plants for the reclamation industry for over 20 years. In addition, he is a qualified wetland science practitioner (AIA). His primary areas of focus have been in Western Canadian ecosystems including: Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, NWT and Nunavut. He has extensive experience working with industry oil and gas, electrical grid, mines and agriculture, and has extensive experience working with federal, provincial and municipal governments. Steven has 15 years of experience working with the energy industry across western Canada in his professional career and almost another 10 years prior to that apprenticing under his parents’ company prior to getting his first degree. Steven runs Tannas Conservation Services Ltd. which is a dedicated environmental services provider to western Canada, GRP Solutions Inc. a manufacturer of products for the environmental and agriculture sector and he is a part owner of Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd. a dedicated native plant materials supplier with over 35 years’ experience in Western Canada..

Eileen Tannas Owner

Eileen has been working with native plants full time under Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds and now Tannas Conservation Services for the past ten years. She has focused on plant identification including weeds, rare species and common native species across Alberta. Eileen has moderate experience completing rare species surveys with most of her focus in the grassland ecoregions but has a comprehensive understanding of the species within the boreal forest, lower foothills and upper foothills ecoregions. Eileen is the greenhouse manager for Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd. and one of the lead plant propagation specialists for ESRS growing over 200 species of native plants and managing the native seed sales program. Eileen manages the day to day operations of GPR Solutions Inc. and is one of the sales representatives.

Tim Hooper Manufacturing

Tim is the owner of Hooper Built (Construction company). GPR Solutions Inc. has partnered with him as a builder for some of the products supplied by GPR Solutions Inc. With over 15 years of construction experience Tim brings a strong understanding of the building process and manages the build of many of the products for GPR Solutions Inc. Tim is instrumental in the design and building process and is brining numerous innovations to our product lines.

Based throughout Alberta, GP Restoration Solutions provides products for reclamation, remediation and ecological restoration. Our products are developed and tested by ecologists, plant taxonomists and research scientists to ensure their effectiveness. We are not simply manufacturers of these products, but have developed these products through years of delivering environmental services. We can provide value added services to each of our products such as research support, training in the use of the products, and on the ground experience through our affiliates (Tannas Conservation Services Ltd. and Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd.).

We are a family owned and operated company with a legacy of over 40 years of work in the environmental field of western Canada. We have been producing native seed and plants for over 35 years and acted as environmental professionals for over 40 years. Before we started building specialized equipment for ecological restoration we have worked for decades with similar types of equipment and allowing us to perfect our designs.

In 2019 we bought up the native seed harvesters from Prairie Habitats in Manitoba Canada to add their excellent native seed harvesting equipment to our line of floating islands systems that we are developing for the restoration industry. We are excited to announce that in 2020 we will have new and improved designs of harvesters and floating island systems that we will be bringing to the market.

Our specialization as plant community ecologists, wetland scientists and native plant propagation specialists has allowed us to develop our islands with a focus on plant growth and replicating natural processes. With versatility in mind we have developed our islands to be easily adapted to our clients needs whether for remediation, aesthetics or habitat creation. Our goal is to deliver a high quality and effective product that is easy to install and maintain.

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We produce specialized equipment for environmental restoration and the agriculture industry

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