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Offering Innovative Solutions for Wetland Reclamation & Seed Harvesting
GP Restoration Solutions brings a new innovative way to solve your wetland reclamation challenge through natural filtration methods.

Custom Seed Harvesters

Innovative Solutions

GP Restoration Solutions has built on the legacy of Prairie Habitats Native Seed Harvesters and using their patented design we have added our 30+ years of experience using these harvesters to provide our customers with harvesters with new and improved features to make harvesting easier and more efficient.

Frontend Loader Harvester

GP Restoration Solutions' Frontend loader attachement for custom seed harvesting.
We have improved and simplified the front-end loader harvesters by removing the gas engine and belts completely from the harvesters and tied the harvester directly into the tractors hydraulics to allow for smooth operation, adjustable brush speeds and dumping capacity without getting off the tractor.

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GP Restoration Solutions Tow Behind Seed Harvester

GP Restoration Solutions is proud to bring back to market the popular pull type seed harvesters previously produced by Prairie Habitats. These new harvesters have improved features that make our harvesters more durable, easier to operate, and more efficient.
  • Designed to be attached to the front-end loader of any small to medium sized tractor (minimum 45hp).
  • Pull type harvesters can be pulled by quads side by sides, tractors or vehicles.
  • Optional Headers allow for harvest of conventional cereal crops and are perfect for research plots or small-scale farming operations.

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