GPRS Projects

Working with coal mines in Alberta, Canada TCS has pioneered the ability to use native wetland plants to remove selenium from mine tailings ponds through Phyto-remediation. We contineud this work with partners such as Olds College, Tannas Conservation Services, and Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd. to develop an effective floating island platform capable of withstanding freeze thaw regimes of the Canadian climate while effectively removing selenium from water.

Along with the development of our effective platform for remedating contaminated water we have conducted multiple studies over the past 5 years into which native wetland plants are able to effectively remove selenium from water. This work has resulted in finding a number of effective species that thrive in different climatic and soil conditions allowing for a more versitile implementation of this technology over a wide range of locations within western Canada.

With 5 years of development into our floating Island platform and multiple lab and field studies we are confident in the ability of our islands to out preform any other floating island system on the market.  with close to 1500 square meters of floating islands successfully launched and cleaning metals and nutrient loaded water we are confident in the versitility of our island system. 

Phyto-remediation, Selenium Removal, Coal Mines, Alberta, Pre-planted Floating Island Systems